Inspired by the natural world, Jodie Hames’ pottery is an exploration of colour and texture.  Her upbringing in Parry Sound is visible, through her use of colour and the Jack pine tree as a motif. Farm life became an influence after moving her studio to the rolling hills of Bethany.  After art school, Jodie had plans for oil painting. Through a part-time job, she realized the medium of clay offered new possibilities. 

Through handcrafted small batches, functional items take on special qualities through different processes and techniques such as carving, stamping, drawing and glazing. Sculpting, carving and stamping bring Jodie's creatures and insects to life.  The glazing process provides the opportunity to use painting and drawing skills.  The combination of texture and lighting, give some works a painterly quality.  The serendipity aspect of clay ensures every piece is original. 


where to find clayworks pottery

Houghton Creek

138 Kent St W, Lindsay, ON

Canadian Canoe Museum

910 Monaghan Rd, Peterborough, ON

Craftworks and Antiques at the Barn

124 Lindsay Rd, Selwyn, ON

Rural Roots Garden

2369 Kawartha Lakes

County Rd 36, Dunsford, ON

Clayworks Pottery

112 Weston Rd, Bethany, ON

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